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Rebecca R. Murphy

JHU Student
PhD Student
Project Manager for Chesapeake Bay Environmental Observatory

Academic Degrees:

Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering

Whiting School of Engineering

3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Research and Professional Interests


Rebecca Murphy is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering at JHU. Her doctoral research focuses on developing and applying methods that integrate the use of statistical and dynamic models to interpolate water quality data in the Chesapeake Bay.  She is applying these methods to explore the complex relationships that exist between hypoxia development, nutrient loads, and physical conditions of the Bay. While at JHU, she has also been working with Dr. William Ball as the project manager for a multi-institutional effort to develop a Chesapeake Bay Environmental Observatory as a prototype system for integrated use of data, models, and analysis tools for research and management. Prior to her research at JHU, Murphy graduated from Cornell University in 2001 and 2002 with a BS and MEng in Biological and Environmental Engineering and worked for four years for ICF International where her focus was on environmental modeling, GIS analysis, and risk assessment.  

GWP Projects

GWP Magazine Articles

GWP Themes

  • Water in the Environment

Areas of Collaboration

  • Aquatic Biology
  • Climate Variability and Change
  • Ecology
  • Ecosystem analysis
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental decision analysis
  • Hydrology and upscaling
  • Monitoring, sensors, and sensor networks
  • System integration and optimization
  • Water quality management (surface & ground water)
  • Water resources management
  • Watershed Hydrology


Geostatistics, hypoxia, Chesapeake Bay, water quality modeling, statistical modeling, GIS, cyberinfrastructure

Research Tools

Integrated Use of Statistical and Mechanistic Models for Analysis of Chesapeake Bay Hypoxia and Stratification

Regional Experience

North America

Selected Publications

  • Murphy, R.R., Curriero, F.C., and Ball, W.P. (2010). “Comparison of Spatial Interpolation Methods for Water Quality Evaluation in the Chesapeake Bay.” ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering, 136(2), 160-171.
  • CBEO Project Team (W. Ball, D. Brady, M. Brooks, R. Burns, B. Cuker, D. DiToro, T. Gross, W.M. Kemp, L. Murray, R. Murphy, E. Perlman; M. Piasecki, J. Testa, I. Zaslavsky). (2008). “A Prototype System for Multi-Disciplinary Shared Cyberinfrastructure –Chesapeake Bay Environmental Observatory (CBEO).” ASCE J. Hydrologic Engineering, 13(10), 960-970.
  • Murphy, R.R. and Haith, D.A. (2007). “Inhalation Health Risks to Golfers from Turfgrass Pesticides at Three Northeastern U.S. Sites.” Environmental Science and Technology, 41, 1038-1043.